2We at Connect Recruitment London do not believe that becoming a good orator happens overnight. But we believe you can improve by speaking more in front of groups of people to be a great public speaker. Speaking at events is a great way to enhance your status as an expert speaker.

Tips developed by our consultants at Connect London Recruitment:

  1. Memorize concepts, do not learn you content by heart;

You may think that the best way to give a flawless speech is to memorize the content word-for-word.  But trying that can create a lot of problems for speakers.  It can look fake.

  1. Know your audience before your actual presentation

Meeting with the people you are going to be speaking to before you give your speech has several benefits.

  1. Use your slides effectively

If you do use slides during your presentation, use them in an unexpected way. Include a short, fun video or use some photos with humor.

  1. Be interactive.

Our ethos at Connect London Recruitment is always be extrovert and interactive for great results.  Remember when you plan your speech; always think of how you can involve your audience.


1‘’Being in paid employment is one of the most important thing for an individual,’’ says one of our expert consultant at Connect London Recruitment.

Firstly a paid job gets you of the house and home related issues, it is actually more than just earning a living. It gives you identity and the opportunity to interact with new people. It is also a way to fulfil your dreams. With all the advantages that our experts at Connect Recruitment London have jotted down a work place can be really stressful and is linked with loads of challenges.

A recent report published by Health and Safety Executive estimated that approximately 2 million people have been diagnosed with a health problem. The main reason behind this was stress caused by their work place.

So, work hard, play hard, do not stress yourself too much at work.

Connect London Recruitment: Desirable Skills For A Receptionist

Studentin arbeitet am Schreibtisch 11, phantasierenHaving a cheerful personality can feel like an under-valued or unwanted trait, but it’s something lots of employers want.

A smiling face is really important in the world of the receptionists. Expected to be incredibly organised and friendly, this role is so much more than picking up the phones.

Receptionists need to have an ear to the ground and be aware of everything that’s going in an organisation, from knowing which important meetings will be taking place to co-ordinating deliveries and organising travel arrangements for staff. You’ll also often be the first person that employees and potential clients see, so you’re always representing the company.

A receptionist’s daily tasks will involve:

  • Meeting and greeting clients
  • Booking meetings
  • Arranging couriers
  • Keeping the reception area tidy
  • Answering and forwarding phone calls
  • Screening phone calls
  • Sorting and distributing post

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